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Re: [Archer] C++ draft

> Do you find it reasonably convincing?  If not, why not?  What can be
> improved?  Are there other good initial targets for conversion?  Are
> there lurking problems of which I am unaware?

I can see the technical merits towards moving to C++, and I'm OK
with that (not super enthusiastic, but maybe all I need is some
time taking advantage of C++ over C).

I have two fears:

  - Not having access to a good C++ compiler on some of the exotic
    platforms out there.  Getting a g++ installed by some of us at
    AdaCore who know GCC will take me a bit of time.

  - The debugging situation; how well can we debug C++? I'm pretty
    sure that we've given up on stabs, but we're still doing work
    on eliminating stabs from platforms such as AIX for instance.
    It's tough to say how far we are, except that we're hoping that
    we're getting closer (Tristan is working on and off on that).

I think "FUD" #1 can be dismissed as AdaCore's problem, and we'll
take care of that. I'd like to be reassured that Fear #2 is
unjustified, and that you will have reasonable functionality even
with GCC 4.5 (that's what we use at AdaCore, and we'll probably
stay with that for another 18months).


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