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RE: Apologies for wrong commit error

> -----Message d'origine-----
> De?: [] De la part de
> Jan Kratochvil
> Envoyé?: samedi 19 mars 2011 22:46
> À?: Pierre Muller
> Cc?:
> Objet?: Re: Apologies for wrong commit error
> Hi Pierre,
> On Sat, 19 Mar 2011 22:34:58 +0100, Pierre Muller wrote:
> >  Could someone with enough git knowledge
> > check that the second did exactly cancel the first wrong commit?
> It seems OK now to me.
> git diff
> cdf4dfaa567c4903b2fce0a16a2e5702e059932e..c40415cfe4d602ded27d296c77100
> 6609596d5f4
> shows no change.

  Thank you for the check,
I got strange results when I tried to do the same...
> >   Can an admin completely wipe my error out?
> AFAIK it should not affect operations with master.  It is now more a
> problem
> for the archer-muller-windows-multi branch as AFAIK there is no way to
> do a
> real undo of a GIT merge.  GIT will now still think the current version
> of
> archer-muller-windows-multi is already present in master, therefore
> this
> command now no longer shows what has changed on archer-muller-windows-
> multi
> (even if master has more recent updates):
> 	git diff origin/master...origin/archer-muller-windows-multi

  This should be fixed now,
after I committed my last local version back to the git remote server.
At least, 
git diff origin/master...origin/archer-muller-windows-multi
seems to give back the local changes...

> From Joel:
>You could undo the change by forcing the HEAD (reference) back to
>the commit prior to the accidental one. I've never actually done
>this before, but something like this, perhaps:
>        % git reset --hard <SHA1>
>        % git push origin master
>This should restore the history to what it was prior to accidental

  But this is what I was already unable to do on my own branch:
I got this warning about wiping out history 
and a suggestion about using 
  git push --force
but when I tried it out with --force option,
it did not work. It  seems to be a git remote configuration
option to disable the possibility of such pushes.

  Thanks to both of you,


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