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RE: [Archer] Re: [Archer] Archer git account inquiry

> > And as you probably used the GUI editor the whole text got
> reformatted
> and the
> > change is not visible there.  In such case please do a first commit
> just
> for
> > the reformatting and then add the real change.
>   No I used the Text mode editor,
> > Please undo the merged reformat + change commit 118 before its split.
> > (At least I assume it has been also changed besides the
> reformatting.)
>   As I said in my previous email, I added a line to the branch list
> for my new branch indeed, but I must confess that I don't know
> what you mean by undoing the reformat, sorry :(

  I hope I fixed it correctly:

  I started by trying to use the graphic mode, but as
I didn't find any way to add a line to the table, I switch to 
text mode, so I supposed that the Graphics mode would have been 
canceled.. I only try to change the size of the table by stretching the
lower right 
corner... This is probably what triggered the unwanted reformatting of
the text.

  Sorry about this.


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