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RE: [Archer] Re: [Archer] Archer git account inquiry

> On Wed, 23 Feb 2011 10:08:12 +0100, Pierre Muller wrote:
> > Related question: should I change the wiki page to add my branch?
> When you make a Wiki change:
> &rev1=117&rev2=118

  Whow, that was fast, I didn't even have time to send my email that you
already found out
I changed the Wiki page :) and made mistakes :( ...

> please provide a commit comment.  Other people (usually...) do so:

  Can I edit this directly to add the comment?
> And as you probably used the GUI editor the whole text got reformatted
and the
> change is not visible there.  In such case please do a first commit just
> the reformatting and then add the real change.

  No I used the Text mode editor, 
> Please undo the merged reformat + change commit 118 before its split.
> (At least I assume it has been also changed besides the reformatting.)

  As I said in my previous email, I added a line to the branch list 
for my new branch indeed, but I must confess that I don't know
what you mean by undoing the reformat, sorry :(


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