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RE: Archer git account inquiry

  Hi everyone,

I just edited
to add my new branch, which contains a
unique commit containing all the changes I currently have
about Windows OS improvements.

  Could someone please try to checkout
the archer-muller-windows-multi branch
just to be sure that I did the things correctly...
  Using this beanch, you should be able:
1) To debug multiple inferiors with Windows (Cygwin or mingw)
You need to enable it by using
(gdb) set children on
probably not the best name possible.

2) To compile GDB using Ascii or Unicode versions of the Windows API
  Define macro USE_WIDE_WINAPI to force use of wide version,
   USE_ASCII_WINAPI to force ascii version
  New Cygwin vers 1.7.X defaults to Wide
older version only works with Ascii (which is then of course the default)
  Mingw 32 and 64-bit should compilable both for Ascii and Wide API.
(Not regularly checked ...)

3) Debug a win32 executable using the 64-bit mingw64 GDB debugger...
  Still experimental ...
4) Use msys or COMSPEC shells
instead of only Cygwin shell support in GDB HEAD.
  Use of shell with multiple inferior is still not really
stable, sometimes the created executable count gets corrupted,
leading to errors, or the temporary breakpoint
on 'start' command does get set to the correct inferior timely,
which results in executable not stopping correctly a main.
This happens for instance when I try
(gdb) r `echo 8`
because more than one shell is created...

  I will have to try out the
git rebase commands now...

Thanks for the account!


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