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Re: [Archer] Archer git account inquiry

Joel> That being said, this is something I remember us talking about
Joel> at the GCC Summit - opening the git mirror up for development
Joel> branches, rather than using the Archer repository.  I don't think
Joel> anyone had any problems with that idea back then.

It would be fine with me as long as writing to gdb.git does not mess
with the automatic cvs importer, or somehow interfere with our ability
to move to git in the future.

I don't really know anything about how the cvs->git import works, so
maybe this is a needless concern.

Joel> One of the issues (not sure) with using Archer, might be the frequency
Joel> at which the "master" branch is updated in the Archer repo.  With the
Joel> official git mirror, it's updated every 30mins.

We don't update automatically at all.

We used to have this idea of having an archer integration branch, but we
pretty much gave up on it.  We didn't need it.

What I do now is clone from both archer and gdb.git.  I generally make
new feature branches based on gdb/master, but then push them to archer.

We should probably update our wiki instructions to remove the old gunk.
And, I've been thinking of finally taking Jan's advice from 2 years ago
and deleting some of the dead branches.


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