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Re: [Archer] Archer git account inquiry

> thus I was wondering if I could get a  account with write access on
> the archer git to be able to more easily separate out this huge patch
> into smaller bits.

Independently of this, you may want to investigate the possibility
of publishing your branch using your own git repository.  Publishing
means that you need to put it somewhere accessible, so it might not
be possible for you, but it might also be a useful option, either
now or later.

That being said, this is something I remember us talking about
at the GCC Summit - opening the git mirror up for development
branches, rather than using the Archer repository.  I don't think
anyone had any problems with that idea back then.

One of the issues (not sure) with using Archer, might be the frequency
at which the "master" branch is updated in the Archer repo.  With the
official git mirror, it's updated every 30mins.

> I still don't really know git, but I will try to read
> GitSvnCrashCourse to get a first impression.

To me, the best book has been "Pro Git". You can even read it online,
but I bought a copy, because the author deserved a little something
back for his contribution.


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