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Re: hw_breakpoint userland interface

On 02/08, Roland McGrath wrote:
> There are indeed many things to be figured out about a userland interface
> for hw_breakpoint.  It's certainly quite possible that something entirely
> separate from ptrace is the right approach for that.  I haven't given it
> any thought, really.

The same. And yes, perhaps it should be more perf_event oriented. Afaics, it
is already possible to create the bp via sys_perf_open(PERF_TYPE_BREAKPOINT),
but I didn't verify this.

> It should be worked out with Jan and other GDB folks

Yes. Firstly we need to know what would be more convenient for those
who will actually use the new interface.

But there is one thing which is even less clear to me. From you
previous email,

> > Those can be defined with
> > the inheritance and process-wide sharing issues in mind,

(to remind, you were talking about watchpoints/PTRACE_O_INHERIT problems).

Do you have any plans to introduce something like per-process
breakpoints, or (apart from inheriting) everything continues to
be per-thread?


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