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gdbstub initial code, v16

The only change is hardware watchpoints.

Well. I can't say this change is good. Because ugdb uses (unexported)
arch_ptrace() to set debugregs in a very much x86-specific way. However,
I do not see what else can I do.

2.6.32 doesn't have the generic hardware breakpoint handler interface.
And I can't play with thread.debugregX by hand, otherwise ugdb can't
be compiled with the fresh kernels.

arch_ptrace() method should work (I hope) with any kernel. But, this
obviously means more multitracing problems. Perhaps ugdb needs the
"can_use_hw_watchpoints" parameter.

Also, currently the usage of debugregs is far from optimal, hopefully
it is simple to improve.

And. I think it makes sense to change gdb somehow. Even if it works
with gdbserver, it falls back to stepping if the size of wp is too
big for hw (default_region_ok_for_hw_watchpoint). This means that
ugdb can't be faster in this case although it obviously could.

What should I do next? (apart from internal changes, of course)

Say, should I implement vRun? From the very beginnig, I hate the idea
to exec the target from kernel space, but otoh I'm afraid this is
important for gdb users.


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