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Re: BUG: gdb && notification packets (Was: gdbstub initial code, v12)

On Tuesday 05 October 2010 18:27:29, Oleg Nesterov wrote:

> The more or less "typical" transcript is:
> 	[... snip ...]
> 	=> s

This is already wrong.

"The stub must support @samp{vCont} if it reports support for
multiprocess extensions (@pxref{multiprocess extensions})."

The stub must also support vCont for non-stop, though I'll give you
that it doesn't appear to be mentioned in the manual, and that
gdb could be more noisy about this.

Look at remote.c:remote_resume, and you'll see that gdb does not
wait for the "OK" after 'c'/'s'/'S'/'C' in non-stop mode.
You're getting "lucky", because when gdb processes the OK you're
sending it, gdb is interpreting that as an 'O' stop reply, but
since 'K' is an uneven number of characters, remote_console_output
happens to just bail out silently.

Now, given this, I won't be surprised if you're seeing races
with ->s, <-OK, ->vCont sequences, as GDB may well be thinking
that the "OK" is a reply to the vCont.

> So, I strongly believe gdb is buggy and should be fixed.

Fix your stub to implement vCont;s/c(/S/C).

Pedro Alves

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