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Petr has been working on dwarflint again, and he's just posted a big
update to the elfutils wiki.  Please take a look at
and the TODO file and SuspiciousDebuginfoCases page linked from there.

Please follow up on about details.

There is now a pretty thorough description of the checks dwarflint does.
The TODO lists all the others we've thought of or had suggested, unless we
dropped some on the floor.  If you have any more suggestions for checks,
please post them to elfutils-devel and we'll get them onto the TODO list.

Especially, if you have come across bad data emitted by GCC that is not
listed on SuspiciousDebuginfoCases, then let us know--and no less so if
GCC has already been fixed.  We certainly want to add regression tests
for all the known cases of bad DWARF emitted.  We're also hoping to
track the details of which GCC versions had each bug and when it got
fixed, for the eventual "quirks table" feature that will allow filtering
out known issues from analysis of old data from historical builds.

Certainly feel free to do your own editting on the elfutils wiki if you
have stuff to add.  But please be vocal on elfutils-devel too.


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