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Re: gdbstub initial code, v7

Sorry for the delay, I was distracted. Trying to switch back to ugdb.

On 08/31, Jan Kratochvil wrote:
> > ugdb should support qXfer:siginfo, currently accessible only via $_siginfo
> > print/set, though.
> Still sure this feature should be also implemented one day.

Yes sure. This should be simple, although I didn't expect qXfer
needs remote_escape_output() and x86_siginfo_fixup(). I assume
that qXfer:siginfo:read always mean Hg thread. It is not clear
to me what should ugdb report if there is no a valid siginfo.
linux_xfer_siginfo() return E01, but gdbserver uses SIGSTOP to
stop the tracee, so it always has something to report. But ugdb
stop the tracee somewhere else, not in get_signal_to_deliver()

Likewise, it is not clear what should ugdb do if gdb sends
$CSIG in this case. But this all is minor, I think.

I was going to send v8 which implements qXfer:siginfo:read and
continue with signal, but (oh, as always) hit the unexpected
problems. To the point, I had to add printk's to utrace.c to
understand what is wrong. Hopefully tomorrow.


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