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Re: Python inferior control

On 13/08/10 15:54, Phil Muldoon wrote:
> Hi,
> On the 23rd of August 2009 Oguz Kayral submitted an initial patch to
> implement GDB inferior notification events in Python.  Since then the
> patch has bit-rotted somewhat.  I've reconstituted this patch
> against current GDB head and attached it.  I've not changed very much:
> renamed the files, re-ordered the and made some minor code
> changes so that it compiles.

I talked with Oguz on external #gdb on freenode this week.  We had a
good chat about the current state of this code.  It turns out there
was a branch, but there are no substantive differences between this
(email) patch and the patch checked into that branch.  Anyway here is
what was disused:

* Oguz will create a new branch based on the current CVS.

* Oguz Will update the patches and apply to that branch. 

* There was some feedback and suggestions that were chatted about other
  than in email, so Oguz wants to implement those too.


Can you reply here with the name of the branch?

What about schedule? I'd like to collaborate as much as possible. I
can't really do that until the first two items above are done.  When
do you think you will that done? 

If we could get these patches approved and checked into the CVS
repository well before 7.3 that would be awesome!



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