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Re: Q: multiple inferiors, all-stop && vCont

> Why libthread_db is at gdbserver and not at gdb host:
> ------- Additional Comment #7 From Pedro Alves  2010-08-18 12:37 ------- 
> # Oh, dear me, I almost forgot: continuing on the comment above, supporting
> # thread_db for cross debugging would also mean that we'd need to have available
> # a that is built for the host architecture so that GDB can load
> # it, but that understands the _target_ architecture's glibc.  (This is also the
> # reason why we have gdbserver itself load libthread_db, not gdb, when remote
> # debugging).  So, I'm definitely closing this harder.  :-)

Note that in the big libthread_db rewrite that made it biarch-friendly, I
also made the code ready to support cross targets.  IIRC, if the glibc
source versions match, a libthread_db should be cross-friendly already
today.  All that's really required for more properly full
cross-friendliness is some build magic to make it easy to build just
libthread_db from the libc sources.  Then you could install that in some
place that gdb knows to dlopen it from.


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