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Re: Q: %Stop && gdb crash

Kevin, I am sorry for the delays.

I try to avoid reading emails to make the new (heh, initial again ;)
all-in-kernel version asap.

On 08/04, Kevin Buettner wrote:
> On Wed, 4 Aug 2010 21:39:35 +0200
> Oleg Nesterov <> wrote:
> > > I'd be curious to know if the behavior improves when you omit
> > > "set target-async on" and "set non-stop".
> >
> > Yes, it works without target-async ;)
> I think that using "set target-async on" is probably very buggy as it
> is not used very often.  (Well, at any rate, I never use it.) I
> recommend that you avoid it too unless you have some very compelling
> reason for turning it on.
> "set non-stop" is probably less buggy in spite of the fact that it's a
> much more recent addition.  (The async stuff has been in GDB since
> 1999.) Still, I would think that using non-stop will turn up more bugs
> in gdb than not using it.  So, again, I'd suggest avoiding it at least
> for the early phases of your prototype.  At some point, of course,
> you'll want to turn it on.

Thanks Kevin.

I'll try to play with "set non-stop" when I have the new code working.


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