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gdbstub initial code, another approach

On 07/26, Oleg Nesterov wrote:
> I decided to take a bit different approach, we will see if it
> makes sense in the longer term.

Please see the attached files,

	- ugdb.c

		The kernel module which implements the basic
		user-space API on top of utrace. Of course,
		this API should be discussed.

	- gdbstub

		The simple user-space gdbserver written in
		perl which works with ugdb API.


	- this is just initial code, again.

	- doesn't work in all-stop mode (should be simple to

	- currently it only supports attach, stop, cont, detach
	  and exit.

	- the testing was very limited. I played with it about
	  an hour and didn't find any problems, vut that is all.

However, please note that this time the code is clearly opened
for improvements.

I stronly believe this is the only sane approach. Even for
prototyping. No, _especially_ for prototyping!

Btw, gdb crashes very often right after

	(gdb) set target-async on
	(gdb) set non-stop
	(gdb) file mt-program
	(gdb) target extended-remote :port
	(gdb) attach its_pid

I didn't even try to investigate (this doesn't happen when
it works with the real gdbserver). Just retry, gdb is buggy.

What do you think?


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