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Merged master into archer-tromey-python (and a few notes)

I've merged master in archer-tromey-python

A few notes as this was a big merge.  During the last few months we've
been working on getting the Python API accepted upstream.  The good
news is that most of it has been accepted and committed.  However
during upstream review some of the API was changed.  This was
unfortunate, but inevitable.  With this merge of 'master' the upstream
version of the API replaces the old Archer API.    I don't think the
changes are too big, so if you are a consumer of the 
archer-tromey-python branch and get stuck with a change, find us on
irc (at freenode, #gdb) or reply here.  We can help you out on any
changes you may need to make.

There are some patches that have not been submitted yet.  We'll
endeavour to get these in soon.  To that end I will probably be
committing a few clean-up commits to archer-tromey-python that will
normalize the difference between upstream and archer-tromey-python.
I think Jan is also going to remove the type reference counting
patch-set.  This is just so we can really make sure we have not missed
something important before we close the archer-tromey-python branch.



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