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Re: change for gdb index

>>>>> "Roland" == Roland McGrath <> writes:

Roland> I don't quite understand what file this writes to.
Roland> Is it implicitly "<symfile name>.index" in the argument directory?


Roland> IMHO, the file name should have "gdb" in the name.  
Roland> This is really not any very generic sort of index for the information.

Ok.  What do you think of just ".gdb as the suffix?

>> +    if [ -f "${debugfn}.index" ]; then
>> +      make_id_link "$id" "/usr/lib/debug$dn/$bn" .debug
>> +    fi

Roland> What's this for?  It just repeats the work of making and recording the
Roland> build-id symlink to the .debug file.  Unless you're being quite subtle
Roland> somehow I've missed, this doesn't do anything with the index file.
Roland> Do you mean something like:

Roland> 	make_id_link "$id" "/usr/lib/debug$dn/$bn" .index

Roland> ?  That gets you a /usr/lib/debug/.build-id/xx/yyy.index symlink
Roland> to ../../usr/bin/foobar.index for example.

Yeah, oops.  I will fix this.


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