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Re: Template function support

>>>>> "Sami" == sami wagiaalla <> writes:

Sami> I thought I would wright a summery of what I have been up to since
Sami> this work has taken a while now.


Sami> To fix this problem I plan to take a suggestion made by Tom which is
Sami> to add a meta variable corresponding to a group of instance of the
Sami> same template. This variable will enable the consumer of the lookup
Sami> (printing code, evaluation code, overload resolution code, or
Sami> breakpoint code) to do something sensible when this type of symbol is
Sami> encountered.

I thought perhaps you'd have a new LOC_TEMPLATE, then add a new symbol
with that class.  Then when you do a lookup for "foo" you can tell that
it is a "phony" symbol that represents a template.  Finally, the
symbol's value union could have a new field that points to all the

Alternatively such a symbol could just store a type that has a new
TYPE_CODE_.  I'm not sure whether this would be any better.

I'm not sure that this is sane and/or easily implemented.

Sami> +  return c != NULL && strchr (name, '>') > c;

I don't think you really need that second clause there.

I didn't look too closely at all of it.  Make sure that psymbol changes
don't poison the bcache, and that lookups that find a name like this
don't do the wrong thing elsewhere in gdb.


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