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Template function support

I thought I would wright a summery of what I have been up to since this work has taken a while now.

The original motivation for this work was to provide support for the following senario

template<typename T> int foo(T){ return 11; }

int main (){
  return foo(1);

(gdb) print foo(1)

Currently foo would be stored in the symbol table as foo<int>()

My idea was to remove <int> from foo<int>() and store it just as plain foo. This would allow for normal overload resolution to take place. The patch attached to this message demonstrates that approach.

The problem I ran into is that if the user does this:

(gdb) print foo

then foo<int> is printed

or in the case of a class like:

template<typename T>
class B{};

(gdb) ptype B

would return the first found template *instance*

To fix this problem I plan to take a suggestion made by Tom which is to add a meta variable corresponding to a group of instance of the same template. This variable will enable the consumer of the lookup (printing code, evaluation code, overload resolution code, or breakpoint code) to do something sensible when this type of symbol is encountered.

The scope of this has expanded but the good news is that we will solve more problems with this extension.

Any comments ?


Warning: the attached patch might be severely not GNU formatted :)

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