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Re: Parser rewritting

>>>>> "Dodji" == Dodji Seketeli <> writes:

Dodji> Would the copyright assignment requirements prevent us from trying to 
Dodji> reuse, say, Clang? Maybe one could think about providing a C api on top 
Dodji> of Clang and consider Clang as an external dependency?

This can be done, after all, we do it with Python :)

A new external dependency always causes trouble, though.  Look through
the archives to see the discussions around expat, python, and libiconv.
A required external dependency will be trouble.

Anyway, I suspect the impedance mismatch problem holds equally for clang.
It is probably worth verifying that.

Dodji> I understand that this minimal parser is meant to stay simple, e.g. no
Dodji> preprocessing support, very minimal error reporting if any at all, no 
Dodji> semantic analysis etc, but still, if we can't re-use Clang, then would 
Dodji> it be possible to devise this new "minimal parser" as an independant,
Dodji> reusable library with its own dejagnu-free testsuite?
Dodji> Maybe other projects might be interested in using (and extending) 
Dodji> something like that.

I'm not opposed to this but I don't want to slow down our progress to
make a library.


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