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Re: Parser rewritting

Chris> A lot of years ago I wrote a fairly elaborate parser using
Chris> antlr--definitely a cool tool and I recommend you consider it.

One thing to ensure is that the antlr output is GPL-compatible.
If not, we can't use it.

Chris> Just as an example, I've attached a rudimentary antlr grammar that
Chris> parses a subset of C/C++ decls

We only need expressions.

Chris> Anyway, it's probably worth considering.

While I still think it makes the most sense to mimic g++, I am open to
other solutions that are powerful enough.

Another thing worth considering is bison's GLR mode.  This has the
advantage that we wouldn't actually need to rewrite the whole parser, we
could just start by tweaking it.

Using tools that generate code is problematic in GDB, because people
complain about every new dependency.  Even requiring bison will probably
generate complaints, because AFAIK some people still do their builds
with byacc.  Maybe we could check in the generated code, though.


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