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Re: [rfc] patch for pr8880

>>>>> "Sami" == Sami Wagiaalla <> writes:

Sami> Is it correct to assume then that qualified names should be treated
Sami> through evaluation of OP_SCOPE and is not effected by this patch -
Sami> baring lexer/parser bugs. Especially since the patch is now restricted
Sami> to user defined operators.

Yes, I think that is a reasonable goal.

It is mostly true now, except that "::name" is not emitted as OP_SCOPE.
I think it probably ought to be.

Sami> +value_user_defined_adl_op (struct value **args, int nargs, char *operator)

The new functions should be static.  They need intro comments, as well.

On trunk, you'll want to make 'operator' const; I don't know if that
little cleanup has made it to expr-cumulative yet.

Sami> +  arg_types = (struct type **)alloca (nargs * (sizeof (struct type *)));

Missing a space before alloca.

I think this looks good; check it in with those little changes.

Once Keith's big physname series goes in, I think we should push all the
remaining expr-cumulative stuff upstream, then shut down the branch and
do small fixes like this directly on trunk.  For bigger fixes we can
still make a branch.  I'll handle whatever stuff I've pushed on the


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