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Re: gdb make check dying

Chris> Starting at about 2100 (east coast US) least night, fresh checkouts of
Chris> gdb build okay but 'make checks' fails.  Is anyone else seeing this?

>> /test-demangle < ../../../src/libiberty/testsuite/demangle-expected
>> FAIL at line 3937: unknown demangling style _Z1fI1AEDTclonplfp_fp_EET_

Looks like a bad change in the demangler test suite.

>> make[3]: *** [check-cplus-dem] Error 1
>> make[3]: Leaving directory
>> /home/moller/tinkering/fsfgdb/pr11067/build/libiberty/testsuite'
>> make[2]: *** [check-subdir] Error 2
>> make[2]: Leaving directory
>> /home/moller/tinkering/fsfgdb/pr11067/build/libiberty'
>> make[1]: *** [check-libiberty] Error 2
>> make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/moller/tinkering/fsfgdb/pr11067/build'
>> make: *** [do-check] Error 2

As a rule you must use "make -k check".

FWIW, when I'm doing stuff locally, I only ever run the test suite in
gdb -- and then usually only parts of it.  The regression tester on the
compile farm uses "make -k check" and handles diffing the sum files and
whatnot for me.


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