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Re: Initial psymtab replacement results

>>>>> "Roland" == Roland McGrath <> writes:

Roland> (Perhaps there is something easy and kosher to do that GDB could
Roland> use as an indicator of a .debug_aranges worth using.)

I don't think so, or at least, I couldn't think of anything.  Our
current branches, including F12, check for a known GCC bug, but
otherwise assume that if aranges exists, it is correct.

There's also an issue with knowing whether it is actually complete; I
didn't think of this until relatively recently:

Roland> With .debug_pub* it has always been my impression that the extraction
Roland> from the DIE tree is not fully generic.  That is, it at least assumes
Roland> some language-specific knowledge to construct foo::bar names and the
Roland> like.  I've never been entirely clear on if it's even entirely knowable
Roland> just from very simple language knowledge as opposed to encoding some
Roland> choices or extra knowledge the compiler had.

I think this question is related to Keith's work on avoiding
DW_AT_MIPS_linkage_name.  I think the current answer is that there are
some known missing DWARF features relating to C++.  However, Keith and
Dodji have worked on GNU extensions for at least some of these.


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