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Re: gdb.Parameter / in gdb 7.0?

On 12/04/2009 11:15 PM, Tom Tromey wrote:
>>>>>> "Ray" == Ray Ruvinskiy <> writes:
> Ray> I have noticed that the gdb repository is missing all of the Archer
> Ray> python samples (i.e., and the rest of the stuff in
> Ray> gdb.pythondir, including the attribute gdb.pythondir). I was hoping
> Ray> that the scripts from the Archer branch would more or less just work
> Ray> with gdb 7.0, but that appears not to be the case, as gdb.Parameter,
> Ray> which uses, is completely missing from the gdb
> Ray> repository. I've been trying to find out whether there is a reason for
> Ray> all of this, but I can't find any e-mails anywhere.
> There's no good reason, it is just that nobody has yet done the work to
> merge things upstream.
> This is something we plan to do, though it has been slow going.
> Currently, Phil is the main person working on Python stuff, and he has
> been focused on bug-fixing.

I typically use the GDB sourceware bugzilla as my on-going (ever
growing!) task list.  In amongst the bugs, there are enhancement
requests too.  If you have a use for a particular piece of code that
is not yet merged upstream, you could add it as an enhancement
request.  I'm fine with that -- just make sure to mark the Product as:
"GDB", and the component as: "Python".

> Ray> I was wondering what reason for the divergence is and whether there is
> Ray> a version of filtering backtrace that works with gdb 7.0.
> Nope.  Also, I think there is more missing than just Parameter.

There are quite a few bits I would like to see merged too.



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