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Re: gdb.Parameter / in gdb 7.0?

>>>>> "Ray" == Ray Ruvinskiy <> writes:

Ray> I have noticed that the gdb repository is missing all of the Archer
Ray> python samples (i.e., and the rest of the stuff in
Ray> gdb.pythondir, including the attribute gdb.pythondir). I was hoping
Ray> that the scripts from the Archer branch would more or less just work
Ray> with gdb 7.0, but that appears not to be the case, as gdb.Parameter,
Ray> which uses, is completely missing from the gdb
Ray> repository. I've been trying to find out whether there is a reason for
Ray> all of this, but I can't find any e-mails anywhere.

There's no good reason, it is just that nobody has yet done the work to
merge things upstream.

This is something we plan to do, though it has been slow going.
Currently, Phil is the main person working on Python stuff, and he has
been focused on bug-fixing.

Ray> I was wondering what reason for the divergence is and whether there is
Ray> a version of filtering backtrace that works with gdb 7.0.

Nope.  Also, I think there is more missing than just Parameter.


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