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Re: [rfc] Inferior Functions Calls and Python Values

Sorry about the delay on this.
Thanks for pinging.

Phil> +Inferior values that represent a function or a function pointer can be
Phil> +called by supplying the arguments to the function in brackets, and
Phil> +calling the value in Python.

This reads strangely to me.  For one thing, they aren't brackets, but

How about:

A @code{gdb.Value} that represents a function or a function pointer is a
callable Python object.

Phil> +The arguments provided must match the function prototype of the
Phil> +function or the call will fail.  Any errors generated from the
Phil> +inferior function call will be raised as an exception.
I think, "raise as a Python exception", just to be clear.
And, what would an error be?

Does Python API do no argument type-checking at all?
Or does call_function_by_hand do this?

Phil> +	  vargs[i] = convert_value_from_python (PyTuple_GetItem (args, i));

It seems like you should check the result of PyTuple_GetItem before
calling.  convert_value_from_python asserts that the argument is

Phil> +	  /* Check each argument converstion for any exceptions that

Typo, "conversion" .. it appears a few times.

Phil> +	  if (PyErr_Occurred ())
Phil> +	    {
Phil> +	      PyErr_SetString (PyExc_RuntimeError,
Phil> +			       _("An error was encountered while "
Phil> +				 "converting an argument for an inferior "
Phil> +				 "function call.  Call aborted."));
Phil> +	      return NULL;
Phil> +	    }

You don't need this, just:

    if (vargs[i] == NULL)
      return NULL;

Phil> +  (ternaryfunc)valpy_call,	  /*tp_call*/

Space after close paren.

Phil> +#include <signal.h>
Phil> +       raise (SIGABRT);

I'm not sure this is ok.
Do any other gdb tests do this?

What happens if you make an inferior function call and the inferior hits
a breakpoint during the call?


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