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Re: [Keith Seitz] Re: [tools-team] Status 2008-09-01


> Dragos> I changed objectprint to on by default on Jan's suggestion, but
> Dragos> this breaks some other cases like this one (from ptr-typedef
> Dragos> test)
> Dragos> gdb> p foz_ptr
> Dragos> $1 = (struct foo *) 0x0
> Dragos> instead of
> Dragos> (foz*)
> This seems like a generic bug, though. ?So, it could be fixed either
> separately or at the same time the default is flipped.
Why is this a bug? Isn't objectprint supposed to follow up to the original/true

> Dragos> Back to the previous case: Jan suggested printing an
> Dragos> error/warning for the user saying that the ptr has a different
> Dragos> type (and maybe printing the type). What do you think?
> I think it depends on how often the warning would trigger, and where it
> would be printed (e.g., would it show up mid-struct?).
Maybe it's not such a good idea to show up in mid struct. Maybe display the
usual output and then print warnings on following lines. Dunno' if it's actually
possible (noob alert!).

-- Dragos

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