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Re: the next round of tasks

On 09/16/2009 11:06 PM, Tom Tromey wrote:
I've omitted anything small; we can do bug fixes and minor improvements
without needing a special task for them.  However, we need to take some
care to make sure that ordinary bug fixing doesn't fall by the wayside.

* Python-based enhancements

Some items that I have written down locally. I'm going to email them here no matter how small they are, just so they are somewhere archivable and not on a bit of paper on my desk. There are no particular justification for these, other than they would make my life easier.

- Flesh out the value api and implement several missing functions (valpy_setitem being the first, and hopefully small task). Same with Frame code (I recently looked at this). And Type.
- Merge more Python stuff from archer-tromey-python to CVS? This is probably going to be gated to the need for that code in CVS, but it is something that will take up someone's time in the future.
- Better catchpoint and watchpoint support in python breakpoints. Especially in save-breakpoint. (catch syscall is my source for this, now)
- Filter "Catch Exception" to name/type/whatever (well, C++ exceptions). So catch exception will only interrupt on certain types of C++ exceptions
- This maybe be related to the GsoC project. So this might be already there. But there are a lot of events that happen in GDB that I want Python code to be notified about. This is a super new area of the code for me, but if a catch syscall or a catch exception /some-exception/ "happens", I want to be able to respond to it in Python from a global approach. Observer -> Observable pattern. Basically any obstacles to preventing me from writing a Python script to receive events from a Catch (or any definable condition), stop the inferior and perform an action (backtrace for example) then resume the inferior (or not).



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