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Re: Pretty-printed MI vars with children get "{...}" instead of the wanted string

On Wednesday 09 September 2009 Noam Yorav-Raphael wrote:

> Keeping things stable is, of course, a sensible thing to do.
> But I still have a question. When I do a simple "print" of an object
> with a pretty-printer, I get something like:
> $1 = x=0 = {
>   s = {a = 0, b = 0},
>   x = 0
> }
> That is, both the to_string() result and the children are printed. So
> why should the std::vector to_string() return a large string with all
> the elements in the vector, if whenever it's printed all the elements
> are printed again after it?
> What I'm saying is this: It seems to me that for both CLI and MI, if a
> pretty-printer provides the children() method, its to_string() methods
> should return a short abstract of the object's content, not the full
> content. And if that is the case, there's no reason to hide the
> to_string() result in MI.
> What do you think?

I do not know why in the vector pretty printer produces such a long
string. Note that it does not duplicates contents, just uses too may
words to say what the size and capacity is.

- Volodya

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