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[rfc] Inferior Functions Calls and Python Values

This patch allows a Python value to become "callable", and to execute any underlying function by means of an inferior function call. This is implemented purely as a function that is registered within the call field on the PyTypeObject. When a Python value is now called, the arguments are converted into a list of values. This value list, along with the value representing the function, is passed to the call_method_by_hand function.


Given this function:

int func1(int a, int b)
    return a+b;

And loading this function into a value as shown (purely by demonstration, how the function is loaded into a value is up to you):

p/x func1
python some_value = gdb.history(0)

Results in:

python print some_value(10,20)

This can also be applied within pretty printers. There is a test that demonstrates how to perform these calls within a pretty printer included with the patch.

This function does not test the sanity, or the number of arguments, or type checks the arguments before the function is passed to call_function_by_hand. It simply assembles the arguments, converts them from Python, passes them to the call function and then converts any GDB exceptions to Python exceptions.




2009-09-09 Phil Muldoon <>

    * python/python-value.c (valpy_call): New function.
    (value_object_type): Register valpy_call as tp_call function.

Documentation ChangeLog

2009-09-09 Phil Muldoon <>

    * gdb.texinfo (Values From Inferior): Document inferior function
    calls on Python values.

Testsuite ChangeLog

2009-09-09 Phil Muldoon <>

    * gdb.python/python-value.c (func1): New function for inferior
    function call test.
    (func2): Likewise.
    * gdb.python/python-prettyprint.c (InferiorCall): New Class for
    pretty printer test.
    * gdb.python/ (pp_inferiorcall): New printer.
    (register_pretty_printers): Register pp_inferiorcall.
    * gdb.python/python-prettyprint.exp (run_lang_tests): Add inferior
    function call tests.
    * gdb.python/python-value.exp (test_inferior_function_call): New

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