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Re: [RFC] Proposal for a new DWARF name index section

[ time spent reading ]
Jan> Most of the time (like >95%, did not measure now), you can try:

Yeah, it is the #1 time user and #1 space user :-)

I think whatever problems we have here will be exaggerated by
multi-exec, too.

Dodji> Do global variables and enumerator constants fall into this
Dodji> "deprecated" category ?

Jan> Global variables are a part of .debug_pubnames and they are not
Jan> "deprecated" as they are globally visible in the C language.

Jan> enumerator constants are not globally visible, they create no ELF
Jan> symbols, they need to be #included for each CU, they are like
Jan> static functions, therefore they should not be a part of
Jan> .debug_pubnames.

Types also are not globally visible and create no ELF symbols.  So, I
think you need an additional argument about why enum constants ought to
be treated differently.

Also, I will occasionally start gdb just to "print/d CONSTANT" to see
what its value is.  So this would be another user-visible change -- we'd
require a full debuginfo scan on any expression.  (Though it occurs to
me that perhaps this is happening due to some "static scope" set at main
or something ... I did not check.  If so that would eliminate this
objection to this particular bit.)

Jan> I hope these mails were useful for both sides, at least for me.

Me too.


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