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Re: [1/2][RFA][7.0] Rename Python files to be 8.3 safe

Em Segunda-feira 03 Agosto 2009 14:35:14 Tom Tromey escreveu:
> >>>>> "Thiago" == Thiago Jung Bauermann <>
> >>>>> writes:
> Thiago> #	renamed:    python/python-block.c -> python/block.c
> I thought that, back at the very beginning of the Python project, Daniel
> requested unique source file names for all source files -- I assume to
> avoid ambiguity for "break block.c:150".  (Of course, gdb should be
> smarter here!  But it isn't right now.)

Yes, I'm going back to how I originally named those files. That's why I decided 
to work on this.

IIRC Daniel's reason was because of the build process. He didn't want to have 
.o files named differently from their .c files. I suppose we'll have that 
discussion when I post this upstream, unless Daniel reads the archer list.

Regarding the break command, I agree with you in that GDB should be smarter 
here. I can volunteer to make GDB smarter if that's an issue in this 

> Am I misremembering?  My recollection is that we had names like this
> originally and renamed them due by request.

One of us is misremembering Daniel's reason to request that the .c names be 

> Maybe python/py-block.c.

If we use py-block.c, then we might as well keep the current python-block.c 

> Oh, yeah, I almost forgot: supporting DOS is a complete waste of time.

Agreed. That's not why I'm doing these patches. ;-)
Thiago Jung Bauermann

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