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Re: [patch] Add watchpoint support to (and add supporting methods to python-breakpoint.c)

I'm sorry for the long delay on this.

Phil> +@defivar Breakpoint expression
Phil> +This attribute holds the breakpoint expression, as specified by
Phil> +the user.  It is a string.  This attribute is not writable.
Phil> +@end defivar

This should mention that the expression is only valid for watchpoints.

And, I think this patch should update the documentation to mention that
the location field is only valid for breakpoints.

Then, the corresponding getter functions should enforce this constraint.

It seems a little strange to have both address and expression.  I wonder
if we should just make up a new attribute name encompassing both.

It seems like there should be a BP_ constant for a temporary breakpoint.
What do you think?

Phil> +  {"BP_NONE", bp_none},
Phil> +  {"BP_BREAKPOINT", bp_breakpoint},
Phil> +  {"BP_WATCHPOINT", bp_watchpoint},
Phil> +  {"BP_HARDWARE_WATCHPOINT", bp_hardware_watchpoint},
Phil> +  {"BP_READ_WATCHPOINT", bp_read_watchpoint},
Phil> +  {"BP_ACCESS_WATCHPOINT", bp_access_watchpoint},

Add a space after each "{" and before each "}".

Phil> +  BPPY_REQUIRE_VALID ((breakpoint_object *) self);
Phil> +  str = ((breakpoint_object *) self)->bp->exp_string;

The repeated casts here look ugly.

I agree that omitting catches and other thing is ok.  I wonder, however,
whether we should simply skip those in gdbpy_breakpoint_created.


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