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Types GC FSF GDB import delay [Re: Meeting 2009-07-29]

On Wed, 29 Jul 2009 19:13:07 +0200, Tom Tromey wrote:
> archer-tromey-python
>    I've disabled type reference counting on this branch.
>    So, it is a mess :(
>    Jan, I was hoping your type GC patch would land soon, so I clean this
>    up.  Is there a way I can help with that?

The last non-strict pre-requisite patch I started waiting on was:
	[patch 0/4] varobj_list replacement [Re: [patch 4/8] Types GC [varobj_list to all_root_varobjs]]
	(but it was sent mostly recently - on 10 Jul 2009)

It is not a direct pre-requisite, it is just a minor change of the patchset to
use current varobj_list() instead of the other proposed ways.

Also the new all-even-non-root varobjs iterator (all_varobjs()) will be
modified to use current varobj_list() allocated-list semantics instead of my
proposed all_varobjs() iterator semantics.  Former implementation:
	[patch 8/8] Types GC [varobj]

Another unreviewed non-strict pre-requisite is:
	Re: [patch 3/8] Types GC [display_uses_solib_p to exp_iterate]

As two unreviewed patches make already 4 variants how to base the futher
patches on top of it I rather switched to other tasks.


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