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Re: [python] implement "upto" (Was: feature idea: upto)

> For fun I wrote a simple implementation of this.
> It isn't perfect, and doesn't do quite everything above, but it does a
> lot of it.

Neat!  I'm glad it was in the same ballpark of easyish I imagined it might be.

> Roland> upto "a frame with source"

It looks to me like "upto source .*" would do this.
Maybe make that default for "upto source" with no further argument?

> Roland> upto foo.c:27 where arg==17	# skip frames where !expr

For real sex appeal, I think being able to combine conditions with other
selectors is key.

> Arguably the base command here should just be named "up".


(gdb) up 2 from func
(gdb) up 3 from where arg==87

So the "upto" case is just shorthand for "up 0 from ...".

Also, I presume there is nothing nontrivial about parallels for "down".
(A generalized "parse command fragment to frame filter" for the guts is
probably desireable to be able to use in other python-implemented commands.)


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