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Re: Expressions Status and Oustanding Tasks

Tom Tromey wrote:
Keith> "2) Inferior function calls."

This included operator overloading -- I believe Sami is looking into
some of that right now.  He mentioned the "cout << foo" case;

Yes I am.

I wasn't sure if he was going to work on explicit use of the operator keyword
as well.

As in directly calling operator<< ?
Yes, operator function calls and inferior function calls take separate code paths. I was going to look into unifying those after I got cout to work.

Some other stuff I know or suspect is missing:

* 'new' and 'delete' aren't implemented at all
* I suspect implicit conversions (via constructors) don't work
* C++ cast operators (like reinterpret_cast) are not implemented
* I suspect that default arguments to functions don't work

There's probably more that we haven't stumbled across yet.

In the case of cout << 1 I would add:

 * debug info is not loaded without
   set debug-file-directory /usr/lib/debug
 * operators which are members of the namespace
   not the class are not found.
 * the namespace of arguments (like cout) are not easy to figure out
   during lookup.


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