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Re: Expressions Status and Oustanding Tasks

Phil Muldoon wrote:
How many of the 1 to 8 tasks are still on the table? I've been looking at this list, and the wiki to-do list to get a frame of reference of where the next section of work is.

Here's the updated list:

"1) Templates"
"4) Type system "const" tweak."

I believe that most of this is now "fixed". realcpp template tests all pass, except for the default template argument tests. If this can be made to work, it will require compiler changes. I have not really investigated this all that much.

"3) Rewrite the symbol tables?"

The motivation for doing this now seems to be performance. I've worked around everything else.

"2) Inferior function calls."
"5) Contextual lookups."
"5a) Along the same lines, the completer needs attention"
"7) Virtual classes and methods need investigating."
"8) There is still a bug with overload resolution for non-class methods in c-exp.y."

No change on these. I have not yet investigated these.

"6) Performance testing of the canonicalization patches." Add to this the DW_AT_MIPS_linkage_name changes, too.

I've been working on this recently, but I will probably take a break from this and peek at 5a, since that is beginning to really annoy me. :-)


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