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Re: Expressions Status and Oustanding Tasks

On 03/25/2009 06:50 PM, Keith Seitz wrote:
Tom noted in the meeting this morning that many of the tasks we set out to complete are nearing completion -- except the expressions work. I thought I would send a note the list to explain where we are today, what's left to do, and perhaps how we can organize some of the remaining outstanding work.

Sorry for the very late reply ;)

Here are some issues that still need addressing (I'm omitting the vtable task from above from this list):

1) Templates. I haven't started this yet. This task not only includes being able to "print/break my_template<blah,blah>" but also default template parameters. There are tests for this in realcpp. At one time, there was a problem with typedef'd template names, but I *think* I've already fixed that.


8) There is still a bug with overload resolution for non-class methods in c-exp.y. There is some code commented out in c-exp.y that was a start at this, but I could not make gdb do what I wanted. Since it was getting very involved, I dropped this on the floor, and I haven't yet gotten back to it yet (there's so many other more urgent bugs to fix IMO). There is a test in realcpp, but it needs more. "print main(int, char**)" works, but then so does "print main(void)".

I think that's it; or at least, that's all I've discovered right now. :-) Most of these things can be tackled in parallel (except perhaps #3,4, but those need more investigation, and perhaps a bit more justification). Of these, I would prioritize thus: 1, 7, 5/5a, 6, 4, 8, 2, 3. [Others might prioritize inferior func calls higher than I do, but then I very seldom use them.]

How many of the 1 to 8 tasks are still on the table? I've been looking at this list, and the wiki to-do list to get a frame of reference of where the next section of work is.



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