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Re: [python][patch] Preserve string length, and embedded-nulls in pretty-print string emission.

>>>>> "Phil" == Phil Muldoon <> writes:

Phil> +unicode_to_encoded_string (PyObject *unicode_str, const char *charset, int *size)


Phil> +  str_size = PyString_Size (string) + 1;
Phil> +  result = xmemdup (PyString_AsString (string), str_size, str_size);
Phil> +  if (size != NULL)
Phil> +    *size = str_size;
How about a variant of this function that just returns the
intermediate 'string' PyObject?

Phil> +  int is_string = 0;
Phil> -	  if (gdbpy_is_string (result))
Phil> -	    output = python_string_to_host_string (result);
Phil> -	  else if (PyObject_TypeCheck (result, &value_object_type))
Phil> +	  is_string = gdbpy_is_string (result);
Phil> +	  if (! is_string)

I think the previous code was clearer.  Don't introduce is_string,

Phil> +	      Py_DECREF (result);

Set 'result = NULL' here.

Phil> +      output = python_string_to_target_string (py_str, &len);
Phil> +      if (output)
Phil> +	{
Phil> +	  struct cleanup *old = make_cleanup (xfree, output);

Adding a new unicode_to_target_string variant (or
python_string_to_target_string, or whatever is nicest) means you can
avoid an allocation here.

Phil> --- a/gdb/varobj.c
Phil> +	    Py_DECREF(py_str);

Space before open paren.

Otherwise I think this is looking good.  Thanks.


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