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[patch] Add watchpoint support to (and add supportingmethods to python-breakpoint.c)

Something that has been on my mind for awhile is that does not handle watchpoints very well. I like watchpoints, and use them all the time! So I propose this patch:

This patch adds watchpoint support to the command. I added two new methods to python_breakpoint.c to achieve this goal. As watchpoints only seemed to be represented as an expression, then the bppy_get_expression function had to be included to interrogate the expression behind the gdb breakpoint. To differentiate between the types of watchpoint (and other breakpoints ...), I added a bppy_get_type function along with supporting constants. Included are documentation entries also. I elected not to include catchpoint support as catchpoint "type" seems to be hidden behind the struct bp_ops function pointers in the breakpoint struct. If there is another way to differentiate between the different catchpoints by type, I'd be happy to add them into this patch, too.




2009-06-11 Phil Muldoon <>

    * python/python-breakpoint.c (bppy_get_expression): New Function.
    (bppy_get_type): Likewise.
    (gdbpy_initialize_breakpoints): Initialize breakpoint constants.
    * python/lib/gdb/command/
    (SaveBreakpointsCommand.breakpoint_type): New function.
    (SaveBreakpointsCommand.invoke): Use breakpoint_type.


2009-06-11 Phil Muldoon <>

    * gdb.texinfo (Breakpoints In Python): Add expression, type
    variable text. Add breakpoint constants.

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