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Re: questions about some branches

Dmitry Malichenko wrote:

2) archer-keiths-expr-cumulative
   Purpose: Cumulative branch for all expression-related hacking,
            including elimination of DW_AT_MIPS_linkage_name,
            single-quote fun, and C++ input canonicalization
   Question: Do you have some tests for checking the branch? Are they
available in testsuite?

Yes, see #3 below. The realcpp test is what I have been using to direct all my efforts on this branch.

What does 'C++ input canonicalization' mean?

It turns all C++ input strings into a canonicalized/normalized form. C++ programmers differ quite a bit on how they use keywords like const, and where they use "*", e.g., "foo *" vs "foo*". Since the symbol tables are searched textually, we need to be sure we use a common scheme.

3) archer-keiths-realcpp-test
   Purpose: C++ expression tests
   Question: What expressions exactly are meant here?

This is a test suite for expr-cumulative (and eventually lots of other parts of gdb/branches). It is FAR more realistic than the silly, contrived test cases in testsuite/gdb.cp. Alas, this test is still woefully incomplete. Right now, it only covers a lot of expression parsing; it lacks exceptions, stack operations, and a lot more.

There are also some general questions:

Looks like Jan has already addressed your other questions.


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