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questions about some branches


I'm interested in some branches (listed below) of Archer and would
like to examine them,
but the information on the web site is not enough for me to understand
what features exactly
do they have, so I can't write some examples for examining Archer.

Could you please help me with my questions about branches:

1) archer-pmuldoon-exception-rewind-master
   Purpose: Recover from fatal signals delivered via C++ exceptions in
an inferior function call
   Question: What signals are meant here? Could you please describe an example?

2) archer-keiths-expr-cumulative
   Purpose: Cumulative branch for all expression-related hacking,
            including elimination of DW_AT_MIPS_linkage_name,
            single-quote fun, and C++ input canonicalization
   Question: Do you have some tests for checking the branch? Are they
available in testsuite?
   What does 'C++ input canonicalization' mean?

3) archer-keiths-realcpp-test
   Purpose: C++ expression tests
   Question: What expressions exactly are meant here?

4) archer-jankratochvil-vla
   Purpose: C variable length arrays / DW_FORM_block / Fortran dynamic arrays
   Question: Could you please describe what 'C variable length arrays' mean?

There are also some general questions:
 - Had somebody merged the branches mentioned above together?
   Or is there some information whether they could work together?
 - What is the difference between Master and Archer branch?
 - Is it supposed to merge Archer with GDB (main branch) in future?

Thanks in advance,
Dmitry Malichenko

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