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Re: [python][rfc] Add more attributes and methods to Inferior and InferiorThread.

Thiago> In particular, I'm not sure if the way I implemented is_remote
Thiago> and is_corefile is a good one, or a hack (it does work,
Thiago> though).

Haha, those look like they can't really be right :-)
I don't know the real answer though.

Thiago> Also, for the InferiorThread class, I wasn't sure which identifier to
Thiago> provide. I decided to provide the full ptid, as a tuple with the pid,
Thiago> lwp and tid.

I'm not sure about what bits are useful here, either.

Also, instead of a tuple, maybe a plain object with attributes, like
we do for the fields of a type?  This seems friendlier in that users
won't have to remember the ordering.

Thiago> As for the thread state, Tromey's initial idea was to have one state
Thiago> method which would return the state. gdbthread.h says that the state_
Thiago> member of thread_info is private, though, and tells interested users to
Thiago> call is_{running,stopped,exited}. So I exposed these methods instead.

For the record, this is fine by me.  I think we should probably pull
some of the comments from gdbthread.h into the documentation, so that
users can understand the differences here.


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