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Re: A few python/pretty-printing questions

Thank you both for your replies.


On 6-Apr-09, at 5:57 PM, Tom Tromey wrote:

"Ray" == Ray Ruvinskiy <> writes:

Ray> - Can pretty-printers be toggled on a case-by-case basis? If I have a
Ray> printer enabled for a certain type, can I still look at the raw
Ray> structure?

Yes, "print /r value". Here, "r" means "raw".

Ray> - Is it possible to export convenience variables from within the
Ray> python layer so that they would be visible from the gdb prompt?

We don't have an API for this, but I suppose we could add one.

Ray> - Suppose I want to pass an expression of the form
Ray> 'this->inner1.inner2.leaf' to a python command, is there a quick
Ray> way to look up the gdb.Value corresponding to the name, or do I
Ray> have to first look up 'this' and then index into the dictionary?

You can use the function gdb.parse_and_eval to parse an expression,
evaluate it, and yield a Value.  We'll probably change the name of
this function, AFAIK none of us particularly likes this name :)


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