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Re: [python][rfc] Attempt to print the base class if a there is noPython pretty-printer for a derived class.

Tom Tromey wrote:
Looking pretty good :)

Phil> +  /* Attempt to run the Python pretty-printers on the base class of
Phil> +  the derived class. */

The second line here needs more indentation.
"the" should line up with "Attempt".
Also you need an extra space after the period.

Silly nit-picking... :)


Phil> + if (!options->raw)
Phil> + if (n_baseclasses > 0)
Phil> + { Phil> +

Declare baseclass and result here, not at the top of the function.

You know I just moved it from here, I guess I'll move it back ;)

Phil> /* First, print out baseclasses such that we don't print
Phil> duplicates of virtual baseclasses. */
Does this logic continue to work properly if one of the virtual
baseclasses has a pretty-printer?

It works in so much as this is a "do or continue with the old logic"; the existing Python pretty-printers would handle these if they were called, no?

(I might misunderstand your question)

But good point it needs a test ...

Please write a couple test cases for this functionality.

Yeah this is not a full patch (though looking at it, it does look like one). It's mainly a request for comments and a methodology sanity check ;) I was thinking of a documentation patch in the narrative regarding printer selection too. But is this just going to be superfluous to the reader?



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