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Re: Meeting 2009-03-18

I expect I'll be there, but, just in case...

If anyone's noticed a silence more profound than normal from my corner
of the planet, it's because I've spent the last several days recovering
from some bug my kids oh so kindly brought home from school.  I've done
exactly nothing useful since last Thursday--except insofar as not
screwing something up while semi-wasted on codeine counts as "useful."

(One of my kids has been as laid out as I've been.  We've watched a lot
of TV.  I now know more than anyone, adult or otherwise, should decently
know of the life and times of an individual apparently named Sponge-Bob
Square-Pants.  (Please forgive any errors in the hyphenation of that
name...)  I could feel my IQ, point by point, dropping--a curious


Tom Tromey wrote:
> We're having a meeting tomorrow morning.
> Current agenda:
> * Individual status
> As always, if you want to add to the agenda, just send email.
> The times below may be wrong due to DST skew.
> Tom
>  8:30 am Pacific
>  9:30 am Mountain
> 11:30 am Eastern
>  2:30 pm Brazil
>  4:30 pm Wales
> 17:30    Czech Republic

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