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Re: [expr]-fix [jk-expr-committed] Fix crash on C++ DW_AT_name "".

Jan Kratochvil wrote:
On Tue, 17 Mar 2009 22:20:44 +0100, Tom Tromey wrote:
Jan> * gdb/dwarf2read.c (dwarf2_canonicalize_name): Fix crash on NULL name.

I suspect this should go on archer-keiths-dwarf-names-branch.

As I am not sure if the NULL check should not be rather in the caller (and not the callee where did I put it myself) I left this decision on the branch owner.

I was curious about how it was possible to even tickle this bug, but I don't think the proposed patch is neither unreasonable nor incorrect. Just defensive. [Which is good IMO.]

That's where we imported Daniel's canonicalization patch.

It is now contained at least in [expr] (how I shortened called [archer-keiths-expr-cumulative], I hope it is understandable this way).

It was my intent to deprecate all the previous expr-related branches, for better or worse. There's just too much interaction between them. But, yeah, you are right: My original import is on that branch. Additional fixes are already in expr-cumulative, though.

I can commit this to expr-cumulative, if you want me to...


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