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Re: Fixes for Mac OS X/x86 building/running

>>>>> "Jonas" == Jonas Maebe <> writes:

Tom> I've appended the corresponding change from elfread.c.
Tom> You probably want something a bit more like this.  The delayed symfile
Tom> stuff only works if you also arrange to create the quick addrmap.

Jonas> Thanks. I've now adjusted the machoread.c code in a similar way, but
Jonas> there's no change in the behaviour. I'll take it to the main gdb
Jonas> mailing list, with a CC to Tristan Gingold.

Just FYI, the machoread.c patch won't apply upstream, because we
haven't submitted the delayed partial symbol reading patch yet.

Tom> Or, you can just set the new field to NULL.  All this means is that
Tom> you won't get lazy loading of debug info.

Jonas> That causes a crash when symfile.c:897 calls this function
Jonas> unconditionally:

I suspect you must have added the NULL in the wrong spot, because that
line is:

  (*objfile->sf->sym_read) (objfile, mainline);

... but the new field is the next field in the struct,


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